But first... Can you relate to this?


You want to be recognized as an innovator. Make a deep, positive impact by transforming people’s lives with your work. You're craving a biz structure that creates sustainable abundance so you can give back in BIG ways

You dream about being a fully booked coach. You want a waitlist of dreamy, soul-aligned clients ALL without the go-go grind because your FREEDOM, relationships, health, and lifestyle are top values.

In order to do that, you've realized that you need a message that stands out online and attracts quality leads, and an aligned sales strategy that converts those leads into high-end clients.

But the problem?

The problem is that

  1. You’re unable to articulate what you do in a crystal clear and compelling way

  2. The right people aren’t paying attention to you

  3. You’re struggling to turn strangers into prospects, and prospects into happy clients


And that makes you feel frustrated, unseen, and undervalued. Because you know that you are here to do more and BE more.

I get it…

You’re not alone.

A lot of my clients experience frustration when their precious time is consumed trying different marketing tips & tricks to attract run-of-the-mill clients, knowing that what they are offering is more valuable than what they are even selling it for.

Your time could be spent serving high-end clients in your high-level packages, helping them experience massive breakthroughs and creating a deep transformation.

All while having more money in your bank account and more time that you could spend on your creative projects or with loved ones.

Which is why for the last 4 years, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs combine soul and strategy to

✔️share their stand-out story & message
✔️gracefully increase sales
✔️becoming a fully booked coach serving dream clients
✔️AND creating a lifestyle that offers FREEDOM + GROWTH.

Here’s the thing…

I believe that it’s absolutely not ok that your time is getting eaten up worrying about where your next big client is coming from and then feeling stuck trying various new marketing strategies instead of spending your time on what truly matters to you.

While strategy is essential and super sexy, without someone who can guide you to recode your brain and cellular programing for success and hold space for your deep internal transformation as you step into your new identity… no strategy will get you results.

This is why I created my unique methodology, blending science and history based ancient and modern techniques, technologies, and strategies that help you:

  1. Swiftly shift your internal states from stress to peace

  2.  Reinvent yourself into the confident CEO you were born to be

  3.  Embody your unique greatness

  4.  Upgrade and scale your business to 6 figures and beyond

What would be possible if you could…


  • Step into your next level identity so you can be more YOU while making a bigger impact through your business

  • Have a stand out message that attracts your dreamy, soul-aligned clients who are ready to pay IN FULL NOW, right to your inbox with them asking you how they can get onto your waitlist

  • Stand strong in holding the value of your uniquely designed, high end offers that have your clients raving and begging for more

  • Feel confident in loving your sexy sales process and holding sacred space for your clients to move through their objections and enroll themselves into your highest value offerings

Just imagine… or just see for yourself in the

Soulfully Sold Out Mastermind



I used to think I was only cut out to be a starving artist.

I had ZERO desire to learn about biz, let alone marketing and sales. I felt like learning about that stuff would have meant selling out on myself and I would be put into a box.

But as I followed my path as an artist, light worker, and healer I began to realize the one thing all of these professions had in common.


And that made me INSANELY MAD.

I valued art, healing, therapies, leadership, personal development so much because they had literally saved my life after a suicide atempt. So even though some of us saw their value something needed to shift, and that started with me.

I’ve spent the last 11 years learning the ins and outs of business to crack the codes of financial abundance and impact-driven success.

I learned about:

  • Online and Offline Marketing

  • Sales (low and high ticket)

  • Branding

  • Team building and company culture

  • Ads

  • Email and Direct Message Marketing


And yet everywhere I went there was a lack of SOUL CONNECTION.

It all felt the same and sounded the same. Yes, there were proven systems being used...

but the human experience craves creativity and innovation!

SO… My creative artist came alive and I began developing my own systems, methodology, and process for business development that would completely shift the way we look at the business.

Combining my 10+ years of business development and personal transformation with creativity and innovation I created Soulfully Sold Out!

So after studying with the best of the best, and a whole lot of trial and error my businesses took off one at a time.


  1. Starting with a laughable dance company in college

  2. To developing a pennie making band into a nationally touring, award-winning act

  3. To my personal brand booking an international tour combined with speaking, performing, and consulting

  4. To a building a worldwide women’s empowerment brand

  5. To my personal brand

  6. To my 6 figure business coaching and consulting brand and seeing clients generate over 6 figures in sales!


Now I’m fully booked all the time and sell with grace because my ideal clients are reaching out to me all the time!

I’m my own best client as I’ve learned how to combine strategy and soul to create an empire that truly SERVES.


"Working with Rae the past 9 months has completely changed my life. I wouldn't be where I am in life, business and relationships without her by my side. I'm forever grateful. I love how Rae is grounding and has a calmness about her and her coaching style. There were times I would lose my shit and she always made me feel better and calm back to center to regain clarity instead of letting fear get to me.  

The price definitely scared me. I was also weary if hiring a friend would be the best option only because it hit so close to home.  But since working with Rae I've been able to have consistent 10k months since I launched my FBS virtual retreat in May. Rae also helped me launch my first ever virtual retreat which featured over 30 women leaders and healers and provided me with the tools I needed to make it happen! I've been able to better master my mindset around business and money as well, which has been invaluable!  

She's been a great mentor to show others what's possible when you do the work and stay committed to your vision. I would absolutely recommend Rae. She's a great coach especially for those who are just getting started in business or thinking about wanting to start a business. She really helped me find alignment before diving into business without a vision. I'd recommend her to any conscious woman that is looking to combine her spirituality and soul with business.  

The most important thing you should know about working with Rae is get ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone and to have all your triggers revealed and tested. But also to trust her, she won't lead you astray."

Tyler Rolling

The Best Part?

My methodology hasn’t just worked for me, check out what my clients have been up to…

🥂Tyler signed 9 new clients into her first group program and created back to back 10k months

🥂Cassie attracted a new client right into her inbox after our first call together

🥂Qing had her BIGGEST month yet ($37,000 Sales, $31,000 CASH) without a HUGE audience, overworking

🥂Brian signed a new client after our first deep dive call

🥂Vik found deeper alignment within himself and his offerings and stepped into his visibility by starting his own Mystical Mastery Monday Show!

🥂Petra tapped into being a creative channel and after years of not knowing what exactly her offering is, she was able to get clarity on it in just 10 minutes!

Well, I won't be shy in saying, we’re all onto something here! ;)


Is it your turn to upgrade your business?


It’s an intimate 6-month experience for coaches & service-providers ready to enchant their dream clients with a stand-out message, close them with a scared & sexy sales process, and sell out their offers without the go-go grind.



By the end of our time together you will have:

✔️Have a unique business model that matches your ideal lifestyle, allowing you to work from wherever you want, whenever you want so you can say goodbye to burnout, overwhelm, and doubting your dreams.

✔️Discover and design your new identity of the CEO you want to become and help you confidently step into that role by claiming your uniqueness and becoming a powerful decision maker as you go for your dreams.

✔️Create your enchanting message; a message that's sure to attract qualified, soul clients and have them asking you how they can work with you (instead of you running after them).

✔️Stand out online with authentic lead gen and stand out content creation that captures your unique voice so you can avoid getting lost in the crowds online.

✔️Create your ALLURING signature offer, and learn to explain your offer in a way that soul clients find valuable and irresistable.

✔️I will teach you how to lead sales calls with grace, truth, and love so you don't continue to sabotage your ability to help others and make an impact.

✔️You will be equipped to confidently deliver life changing experiences during your client's journey while you continue to grow your business with new clients coming in, so you can avoid feast and famine.


Getting excited about how this could completely transform your business and life?


Want to know why?


During this program:

You will have personalize support from ME all throughout the program, not just on the calls

We’ll create a strategy that works for YOU and YOUR life instead of copy and pasting someone else’s strategy

You’ll be supported by other visionary leaders who are taking action to create their best lives


“This is huge, I’m kinda blown away.  This is a game changer and I’m feeling more aligned.  If I didn’t work with you, I would still be in a general space with my business.”

Vikash Shivdasani



“This was my highest revenue month!  $37k in sales and $31k collected!  And I’m doing a lot of service raising money for my favorite healing center in India so they can pay their payroll during Covid.  I’m having so much fun on my calls with prospective students.  Perfect fits!  It’s so easy and fun, I didn’t even plan for this to be a sales conversation, genuinely showed up to serve.  And her needs became apparent and it’s apparent that I am the perfect expert to help her.  Thank you for this group Rae, holding space for this container.”

Qing Zhou


Phase 1:
Discover Your Enchanting Message



There’s no one else like you.

No one with your story.

No one who has been through your MESS.

Am I right or am I right? =P

Am I right or am I right? =PSo instead of feeling like you need to copy someone else’s message and business, how about we find your uniqueness and bring words to the magic you deliver with your clients.

It’s time for you to differentiate yourself in the marketplace because you can't waste anymore time attracting the wrong type of client who isn't your dream client.

First two months

In this phase I will help you:

Call 1
Discover what makes you uniquely brilliant

  • Learn how to become visible and share your story with authenticity and grace, to inspire and educate others to their greatness. Then we discover who your dream client is and where they are hanging out.

Call 2
Create your Enchanting Message;

  • A message that's sure to attract qualified, soul clients and have them asking you how they can work with you (instead of you running after them). Your content will stand out online because you'll KNOW what your ideal clients need and want and how to give that to them using your gifts.

Call 3
Grow Your Audience with Stand Out Lead Gen

  • I'll share my signature process for authentic, compelling, and creative content creation that captures your unique voice and magnetizes the right people, so you can avoid getting lost in the crowds online. Using my Marketing Magic, you’ll define your brand’s soul and learn simple strategies for scaling your impact.

Call 4

Phase 2:
Premier Pricing and Packaging


Once we have a solid foundational structure, we focus on Premier Pricing and Packaging of your coaching offer so you no longer question the value you bring to the table and avoid being just another coach, teaching the same thing. This Alluring Offer will have clients drooling over the opportunity to work with you!


Next two months

In this phase I will help you:

Call 5
Price Your Alluring Offer

  • When you are undercharging you are UNDER SERVING. And I know this is the LAST thing you want to be caught doing because you are such a big giver! The problem is you will continue to burn out if this continues for any longer. When you feel connected and confident to your program’s value and the value you hold as a coach and a bad a ss strategy, then you’ll easily hit your financial goals.

Call 6
Package Your Alluring Offer

  • Desiring consistent income? We’ll look at how to create your freedom lifestyle with the support of your offer instead of letting your offer run the show! Together, we’ll create an offer that is aligned to your values and delivers the support your clients are looking for. Using my Create Your Vessel Blueprint, you’ll be able to organize all your thoughts, dreams, and goals into your simple signature, premium, course.

Call 7
Balance Structure and Connection

  • It’s time to feel empowered in your work as a visionary and leader. You are ready to stand in the spotlight and position yourself as a premier coach! Upleveling your balance of structure and connection (to yourself, your services, others, and the world) will help you expand your capacity for what you can hold (# of clients, $$, love, etc.). You'll also learn to explain your offer in a way that soul clients find valuable and irresistible.

Call 8Integration

Phase 3:
Sacred Sexy Sales


Now that you know how to attract your people to your magic (...services =P), it’s time for you to become the boss of your sales. The final step is Sacred Sexy Sales where I will teach you how to lead sales calls with grace, truth, and connection so you don't continue to sabotage your ability to help others and make a BIG impact.

avoid being just another coach, teaching the same thing. This Alluring Offer will have clients drooling over the opportunity to work with you!


Last two months

In this phase I will help you:

Call 9
Sacred Sales Reprogramming

  • Have a lasting breakthrough with your relationship to sales so you can enjoy sales with authenticity and truth while strengthening your confidence and conviction. It’s time for high-end, pay-in-full clients to become your new normal.

Call 10
   Sexy Sales Process

  • From your first interaction with your soul client through to the end of the call, you will be equipped with a proven strategy that is personally crafted to you and your offering to pre-qualify the leads coming in. Sales will become one of your favorite soulful experiences that you have within your business as it strengthens your frequency and magnetic energy while empowering others to stand in their greatness.

Call 7
Balance Structure and Connection

  • It’s time to feel empowered in your work as a visionary and leader. You are ready to stand in the spotlight and position yourself as a premier coach! Upleveling your balance of structure and connection (to yourself, your services, others, and the world) will help you expand your capacity for what you can hold (# of clients, $$, love, etc.). You'll also learn to explain your offer in a way that soul clients find valuable and irresistible.

Call 8Integration

You must apply to be accepted into the mastermind
because there are only 10 spots for this intimate container


“I’m celebrating seeing such a powerful shift in so many!  Grateful to witness, hold space, and play a part in the overall collective heart centered mission.”

Raya Warsaw



I worked with Rae from March 2019 until April 2020. We met in India and I was captivated by her beautiful voice, welcoming personality and professionalism. 

I had no hesitations to start working with Rae. At that time my intuition was dictating me it was the right thing to do and Rae could support me on what I was looking to become. 

She supported me to design my vision.I was at a phase where I was seeking clarity and support to find my own voice, step into my power and act on it. 

The most important thing people should know about working with Rae is that she is an authentically caring person. She combines professionalism, a well organized approach to her work while deeply and truly caring for the people she supports. 


Rae’s one-one consultations are so powerful. She is charismatic in tailoring the program to one’s needs while having a structure and curriculum well planned. Her toolbox is abundant!    

My other favorite part about working with Rae was reading her recommended books and getting connected with a circle of powerful, like-minded women.  I now feel I am supported wherever I am in the world! 

I would definitely recommend Rae’s services to women that are in the quest of self actualization and personal transformation.

I am very happy to have met Rae. She came into my life when I needed support the most, while I did not know in what way I wanted to be supported.  

I went through a huge transformation on all levels.  It was exactly what I needed to do to grow, expand, and unlearn.   

My path was not made with roses and the challenges I am facing are ongoing. But from our work together I am well grounded now, safe from within and returning back to myself is the greatest investment I could ever make.


Value: $33,500

Plus One-Time Bonuses!

That’s $41,500 in VALUE!!

Your investment? 
A fraction of this cost! 
Want more details?


I was first introduced to Rae through the Global Goddess Festival that she hosted over a year ago and I remember at the time feeling like all the value that I was accessing through her was so exciting, so liberating, so adventurous but so new and challenging to fully integrate for myself. I felt this sense of : “That could be ME and I want it to be but there are so many steps between where I am and getting there. I am not ready. Maybe I’ll never be ready. 

Around April of this year, I took the leap of faith and began working with her as a personal soul-aligned business coach. It has been 3 and a half months and my world has been so transformed! 


My greatest hesitation was the financial investment!!! I have never invested so much money in myself in such a positive way in one go. I felt terrified on so many levels. That others would judge me. That it was a scam. That I had made the wrong decision but i felt the support she was offering was something I wanted so deeply in my bones. I had fears that I was losing a lot but learned to shift that to allow my focus to be on all that I was receiving. What I have learned is that investing in myself is the best thing I can do. I am absolutely worthy of all the gifts, self-growth and transformative education that I can offer myself. I am worthy of all the support, love and high-vibration value that Rae and any other coach has to offer AND more.  

Working with Rae allowed me the courage to step up in my meaningful and purpose-driven work, own it and spreading the good word.  Rae has helped me realize that I have even MORE that I know I want to offer the world beyond what I could do with my non profit work. I do want to change the world and I am made for it. I truly believe that I am here to awaken myself and others to our divine greatness, to our personal liberation, to our own divine purposes and and to create beauty, healing and solutions beyond our wildest dreams from that place.  

I have discovered more of my Purpose as a Divine Empowerment Astrologer with Tiger eye Astrology and Intuitive Guidance.  Now I have the confidence and strategies to develop it into a business.  

I have my first Launch coming up and will be announcing my first course called New Earth Dream School: using Astrology, Magic, and Soul Purpose to manifest YOUR dream life while Helping the Planet at the same time. 

I came in having a lot of issues around visibility and now here I am and gaining the courage to be more present, more authentic and more transparent in my soul offerings and my personal story everyday.  

I feel so confident in my abilities that I made the decision to leave my current employment and dive right into my own creative freedom.  

Welcoming Rae into my life has opened me to an abundance of high-vibration and entrepreneurial human beings that are her partners, her other clients and others in her web who are offering me so many other incredible opportunities for advancement! 

I love how fun and confident Rae is. I love that Rae is a musician and dancer and inspires me to follow my dreams to cut musical albums by age 36 and travel the world learning ancient dance rituals.  

Since working with Rae, I have truly owned with every fiber of my body that I CREATE MY REALITY.  I have believed in myself and believed in law of attraction, magic, synchronicity and so on for many many years but still struggled with victim mentality and having the mindset that “things were happening to me”.  

Now my personal power to lead my dream life feels securely and permanently located  inside me: my body, heart, soul and creativity.

I would absolutely recommend working with Rae to anyone who is ready to not only experience success in their business but experience success in their personal growth and access to peace, joy, happiness, self-love and understanding. This program isn’t just about posturing courage. It is about BECOMING courage and becoming your best self in the process. 

My favorite part about working with Rae is that I can tell that she is going all the way with her dreams.Be willing to go all the way with yours.”


This program is for you if YOU:

✔️Know you have an amazing service to provide to others

✔️Open to receiving support

✔️Ready to implement through action

✔️Takes responsibility for your results 

✔️Wants to increase your income effectively

✔️Want personalized support to build based off your unique gifts, essence, and message

✔️Excited about growing your biz in a soulful way

✔️Wants to have a support team of other bad asses building their businesses alongside of you

✔️Are looking for true fulfillment (heart, mind, relationships, and bank account) not just one of those

This program is not for you if YOU:

Don't have a clear idea of what you’d like to launch

❌Haven't worked with any clients yet

❌Blames other for your lack of success

❌Want a “short cut” or “easy fix”  without putting in the work

❌Think you already have all the answers even though you don’t have the consistent results






Ok. I’m clearly ready to jump in and turn
my passion into profit!


You’re here for a reason. How many people out of the billions on the planet even get the opportunity to see this landing page?

There are at least thousands of people literally searching for someone like you, searching for your services. I know you’re a giver and it would mean the world if you could get your services out there to more people.

You’re meant to be that innovative leader, you were born for this.

Well what would be possible if you dedicated and invested in yourself, your mindset, your development, your marketing and sales education… all for your mission to expand and reach more lives?

Your freedom is in your hands…

⭐️For you to finally have the money you’ve been wanting

⭐️Buy the dream home to raise a family in

⭐️Touch people’s hearts and lives with your services

⭐️Hire the team members who will help take the weight of your business out of your hands

⭐️Upgrade to the new computer so you can finally work efficiently with ease

⭐️Have the extra time to spend with your loved ones

⭐️Buy yourself that super cute new outfit that embodies the new you

You’d be amazed at what happens when you trust in yourself to go for the GOLD.

All the above and so much more that literally can’t be squished or minimized into words…
It’s about the man/woman you become during the process.

So are you ready to make the best investment you could possibly be making?

Into yourself and your business…

It’s up to you to decide.
Just listen to what your soul is calling you forward into.