You know that fresh feeling you get at the beginning of the year?

What if you could get that FRESH, CLEAR perspective on a NEW vision that wants to be birthed?!

Imagine a life where you really leaned into that BIG vision you've been holding onto in the depths of your heart?

I'm already sold, let me in!

The strategies that you’ve used in the past won't serve this BIGGER more POWERFUL vision that you're holding. 

Let strategy be business. Let the rest be soul.

When you feel confused, frustrated, behind, alone, and not worthy of creating your reality - know that you’re not alone.

But take a moment to just IMAGINE, what would be possible if you knew how to get out of that space in an instant. To step into your TRULY aligned creative space.


When you know...

*How to no longer repeat patterns from the past. Self-sabotage is no longer an option.
*How to step into your full potential now, not in 6 months or a year.Even if your dream is bigger, there are pieces to start NOW!
​*How to fully awaken and clarify your inner dreamer and creator - so they can co-create with the universe with ease and flow!

All your possibilities open!

This is why I created…

How to quantum leap and timeline travel to turn your visions into your reality for successful spiritual entrepreneurs.



  • On your own time you can do through this 6 module program activating your inner DREAMER and CREATOR.

  • 8 Trainings & Live Interactive Private Facebook Group with other visionaries

I’ve been perfecting my process for the last 3 years. I’ve shared this with people who have seen a huge shift in their year BECAUSE of this practice.

WARNING: It will change the entire way you see the potential of of your year!


In this lifetime access course, each January you’ll have access to the upgraded course.

I want lifetime access!




The best is remembering that once I do this work then all I need to do is take action and I can look back at this anchored and empowered vision to continue deriving clarity from.

You could go through this program in 14 days, walking more confidently on your path towards creating your dream life and reality. You’ll receive clear guidance and answers that will help you make the most aligned decisions for your soul’s evolution and your leadership on this planet.

Give yourself the gift of setting yourself up for success this year!

When you join us, you’ll receive intimate access to me along with a community of high vibe, high-level leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs with similar growth-focused mindsets and visions.

Welcome home!


So if you’ve ever felt:

“I’m not enough yet for this BIG of a vision”

“I’m not ready”

“I’m feeling unsure, unfocused, and unclear.”

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to create this”

“What if it doesn't work? What if I don’t see the results?”

“I’m running late, I’m behind”

Then you’re in the right place.


These are all indicators that you’re stretching your capacity to hold space for your dreams, your biz, and your life.


But we won’t hold onto these stories for much longer. In fact, it may be time to completely let them go from your vocabulary. Who are they serving anyways?

The reason why The Distance of a Dream is so powerful is that the framework I teach can be used and personalized to your experience.

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t for everyone. If it’s for you, I’ll trust that you know you’ve got to find a way to be in here with us.

I'm ready to jump in!

Calling all high-level lightworkers, coaches, healers, creatives, and entrepreneurs that are here to positively impact the world. Your voice, story, and message are needed now more than ever.

After these completely packed 6 modules (plus bonuses), you’ll be walking away with a full game plan for your next year, clarity and focus, and confidence to see it through.

You’ll be able to create more wealth, health, love, passion, and fulfillment and dream bigger than ever before!

During this program you will experience:


*A ​profound shift in your self-confidence and conviction
*Become a badass decision maker
*Stand stronger in your integrity, beliefs, and standards
*Reconnect to your why and vision stronger than ever before
*Connect with a powerful network of game changers, movers, and shakers from around the world
*Embody your transformational visions and put them into a game plan and begin taking action
*Release old stories and beliefs around money, abundance, and support
*Create a new money manifesto as you learn the strategies for quantum growth in business and lifestyle
*Finally, being a part of something much bigger than yourself, and celebrating the success of the collective rising


We’ll go through 5 different episodes (We’re the stars of our own shows, right?)
during our time together covering:

*Memory Lane - Reflect and wrap up your last year, completing lesson that are embodied so they don't continue happening.
*Can’t be Tamed - Release and unleash the past. Clear old energy and patterns to create fresh space for possibilities.
*Dreamers Gaze - Get clarity on your really, REALLY big vision. Own it, know it's YOURS to create.
*Lovers Maze - Unite your inner dreamer and creator to begin materializing this vision.
*Timeline Collapse - How to quantum leap and create your dreams with efficiency and flow.
*Wheel of Fortune - Tap into unlimited abundance and potential and leverage your unique genius!

Give me access already ;P

As you begin a new chapter have you prepared yourself energetically and strategically
to have the most abundance, loving, and adventurous time bringing your visions to life?

This is such a special time for us all. US because what YOU do and what I do all connect.
Don’t they?

We are actually all in this together. I want to share these techniques that have helped me “win”
in the last few years in business and lifestyle.

I can no longer keep this information to myself because I now understand
how important it is that we ALL win.


Check out what my clients have done using this program...