1:1 Coaching & Mentorship:

Personalized soulful business strategy to get clarity on your soul purpose to build a soul aligned business that you LOVE.

Energetic reprogramming and rock solid business strategy so you have breakthroughs to release old beliefs around yourself, your clients, money, sales.

It’s time for you to finally step into rocking your business with more ease and confidence and receive more time, money, and location freedom.

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Soulfully Sold Out Mastermind:

The most impactful, leading edge, easy to learn and implement foundations that will 10X your income, free time, and impact. 

Whether you're scaling and optimizing your business, or starting out from scratch this will give you the cutting edge systems, strategies, and structures to bring in more ease and alignment.

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2 Week Accelerated Programs:

Distance of a Dream - Redefine your dreams and reconnect to your purpose

  • How to Amplify Your Vision
  • How to Organize Your Dreams into your Reality through powerful decision making
  • Stress and Time Management Skills 
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Blossoming of Belief - Money Manifestation Program

  • Become a happy money magnet
  • Activate abundance from multiple streams
  • Unite money and love
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Freedom Lifestyle Mindset Rewire

 My signature mindset program for leaders who want to take their next step forward but feel some snags around old beliefs and subconscious thoughts. 

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Global Goddess

Activate and Embody 12 goddess archetypes (one a week or one a month) to step into your feminine power. 

  • Weekly Embodiment Practices
  • Weekly Goddess Rituals
  • Learn about the history of the archetype and how she shows up in today's world and in YOUR life
  • Challenges and Practices from you to do at home alone or with friends!
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Your future begins now!

Without this recording I wouldn't be where I'm at today. I've been using this practice for the last 8 years and still use it today!

Did you know visualizations help you make aligned decisions with your goals and dreams, by preparing you to respond to a situation before it even happens?!

I want to try it for myself!

Instagram: @raeirelan