1:1 Coaching & Mentorship:

  • Personalized soulful business strategy to get clarity on your soul purpose to build a soul aligned business that you LOVE.
  • Energetic reprogramming and rock solid business strategy so you have breakthroughs to release old beliefs around yourself, your clients, money, sales.
  • It’s time for you to finally step into rocking your business with more ease and confidence and receive more time, money, and location freedom.
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Reconnected with her feminine essence, deepening her love with her husband, family, while getting a $90K salary raise!

“Rae is the best breakthrough coach ever!”

- June K.



Consistent $20K months with his new online group coaching program

“This is huge, I’m blown away.

Working with Rae was a game-changer and I’m feeling more aligned.”

- Vik S. 


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"Liberated in a whole new way, beyond my expectations!

It was surreal, epic, and out of this world. I’m so grateful for this experience.

I opened my heart and 
embodied who I know I am. This shift has been the biggest transformation.”

- Jocelyn L.  

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"The greatest investment I could ever make.

Rae’s one-one consultations are so powerful.

She tailors the program to one’s needs while having a structure & curriculum well planned. Her toolbox is abundant!"

- Vanessa T.


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Live Group Coaching:

The Soulfully Sold Out Mastermind

The most impactful, leading edge, easy to learn and implement foundations that will 10X your income, free time, and impact. 

Whether you're scaling and optimizing your business, or starting out from scratch this will give you the cutting edge systems, strategies, and structures to bring in more ease and alignment.

The signature program, Soulfully Sold Out, in a live group setting.

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"This was my highest revenue month! $37K in sales and $31K collected!

I’m having so much fun on my calls with prospective students. Perfect fits!  It’s so easy and fun.

Thank you for this group Rae, holding space for this container.”

- Qing Z. 


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Created, launched, and sold her first online group coaching program making consistent $10K / months

“Working with Rae the past 9 months has completely changed my life. I wouldn't be where I am in life, business and relationships without her by my side.

Trust her, she won't lead you astray.”

- Tyler Rolling

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Left her corporate job to grow her healing practice and now works with clients and leads retreats around the world. 

“It’s beyond what you’re thinking, and exactly what you need.”


- Andrea G.


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 Soulfully Sold Out Program

Rae's signature scaling your service based business program. Create your stand out marketing message, integrate a sacred & sexy sales process, and become a soul-out coach without the go-go grind.


  • Discover Your Enchanting Message

  • Premier Pricing & Packaging

  • Sacred Sexy Sales

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Created, launched, and sold her first online group coaching program making consistent $11K / month


- Samantha Leiva


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Built and launched a healing arts community center and sold out her first online group coaching program.

“A year ago I said yes and I’m so happy, grateful, blissed out, and amazed by the choice I made for myself to put that investment into myself.”

- Rebecca M.

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“I feel like I now have the support and the tools to get there.

I would recommend Rae’s work to you if you are called in your life to do something great."


- Sara C.


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Freedom Frequency

A 5 step online program for impact-driven leaders to rewire their mindset so they can rise into their next expanded evolution with ease. 

  • Rewire your mindset 
  • Release your blocks
  • Reclaim your purpose
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"Now I have the confidence and strategies to continue growing my business.

This program isn’t just about posturing courage. It is about BECOMING courage and becoming your best self in the process."

- Fox D. 

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Became clear and creative and began building her dream life by moving to her dream country, Costa Rica! 

"I wanted freedom and design my life the way I wanted. When I consciously decided and created the space, things really started to turn around."

- Petra Z.

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Grew her leadership, online presence & stepped into her power and truth as a woman

This allowed me to take down a wall and take off a mask so I could be able to express more of who I really am.

- Liana Hunt

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Global Goddess Glow

Activate and Embody 12 goddess archetypes (one a week or one a month) to step into your feminine power

  • Weekly Feminine Embodiment Practices
  • Weekly Goddess Rituals
  • Challenges and practices for you to do at home alone or with friends!
  • Learn about the history of the archetypes and how they show up in today's world and in your life
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"I literally feel like a new person. Some things work, and some things work fast. This is one of those things.

The breakthroughs I had were truly breakthroughs where I don’t have to address them again.”

- Heather B.

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Found her feminine self and discovered the power of sisterhood. 

“I would say just dive right in. It’s worth it. Beyond worth it.

It built a real foundation of what true sisterhood and tribe look like.”


- Morgan B. 

"The program and the support of the sisters has really helped me to get through feeling  stuck in my life.

I am deeply grateful for the energetic shift that has occurred."

- Geri F.

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Distance of A Dream

Redefine your dreams and reconnect to your purpose

  • How to amplify your purpose
  • How to Organize Your Dreams into your Reality through powerful decision making
  • Stress and Time Management Skills 
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Blossoming of Belief

Money Manifestation Program

  • Become a happy money magnet
  • Activate abundance from multiple streams
  • Unite money and love
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Landed his first online coaching client!


- Brian B.





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Overcame self doubt, raised her prices as a performer, and stepped into her personal feminine leadership.

“I would recommend Rae’s work to you if you are ready to level up and know that you are going to do great things, you just need an extra push to open up and smash through anything that’s limiting you.”

- Hillary P. 

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Left her corporate job to create and launch a holistic and creative community healing space. 

“It was all already there within me but the business side was what I needed.  

This helped me unlock and understand what I needed to do.”


- Erin S.


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Your future begins now!

Without this recording I wouldn't be where I'm at today. I've been using this practice for the last 8 years and still use it today!

Did you know visualizations help you make aligned decisions with your goals and dreams, by preparing you to respond to a situation before it even happens?!

I want to try it for myself!

Instagram: @raeirelan