The accompanying interactive workbook for Blame It On My Soul to support you in integrating the 9 transformational stages into your own life, body, creations, and relationships.


In each of the 9 steps correlating to a week within the 10 Week Self-Lead Program you’ll receive:

- Powerful embodiment exercises and processes (normally exclusively available to my one-on-one clients)
- Journaling prompts
- Original song chart (and link to the audio) of songs written while in the corresponding stage of transformation

When I finished writing Blame It On MY Soul, I found myself in a raw and vulnerable place. I used the Soul Expression Guidebook and followed every step. It helped me see a new perspective, find clarity, and shift out of what wasn’t working.


It can do the same for you as you read Blame It On My Soul.


You and I will never know in advance what will be the golden lesson that leads you to create your multi-million dollar business, or brings you into direct alignment with your soul partner, or leaves you feeling fulfilled with tears of gratitude in your eyes for all you have.


The first step for you?


Choose how you’d like to receive the gold that’s here for you. Are you ready to go all in? For yourself. Others. The World.