EP.73 How To Create Successful Feminine Business… Tips with Aria Jaydara and Lindsey Graf of Aetheria

How To Create Successful Feminine Business… 

Tips with Aria Jaydara and Lindsey Graf of Aetheria


In this episode we talked about:

(01:54) Who are Aria and Lindsey

(02:41) The Story of Aetheria

(03:56) Aria and Lindsey’s Miracle Moments

(16:37) Next level of Consciousness, Community and Leadership

(22:01) Importance of Integrity

(24:50) The Program Launch


“Sharing and providing a quality service is more impactful than hitting the millions.”

-Rae Irelan 


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Who is Aria Jaydara and Lindsey Graf?

  • They are the Co-CEO’s of Aetheria, a Certification, a Mystery School and also so much more. It is a community of conscious visionaries who learn, grow, dance, play and lead together side-by-side.
  • They mostly support women but they also support couples and men in their certification.
  • They help people activate sacred unity and restore healthy polarity to relationships so they can truly thrive over decades.


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