EP.65 Yin Energy to Manifest Your Greatest Desires with Carolyn Sykes

 Yin Energy to Manifest Your Greatest Desires with Carolyn Sykes 


In this episode we talked about:

(01:43) Carolyn’s Journey Becoming a Chinese Medicine Meditation Teacher and Life Coach

(06:07) Amy’s Breakthrough 

(09:29) Carolyn’s Miracle Moments

(16:34) Bringing More Yin into the Body

(21:34) Money and Freedom


“The power of mentorship and just having those people in your life that are guiding pillars is so profound. And you may actually have that mentor in your life without you even acknowledging it or becoming aware of it. And one of the first things to do Is to really look at who's in your life and look who is here for you."

-Rae Irelan 


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Who is Carolyn Sykes?

She is a transformational life coach, doctor of Chinese medicine and meditation teacher.

She helps professional women really be more in their Yin in body, mind, and energy.

She helps women, mainly menopausal, women who are going through massive transformational change in life and probably finding their purpose later in life and finding magical aspect to life later.


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