EP.63 EFT To Break Through Money Blocks with Amy McNally

EFT To Break Through Money Blocks with Amy McNally


In this episode we talked about:

(02:46) Amy’s Journey

(06:00) Life in a consistent evolution and, consistent growth mindset.

(09:14) Amy’s Breakthrough 

(10:51) Scarcity mindset to Abundance

(11:54) What is Tapping?

(16:56) Amy’s Miracle Moments


“Having that courage to really follow your heart and follow what excites you, what is inspiring to you, even if you've been checking off the to-do list towards a certain direction in life and doing the thing you think you're supposed to be doing, is just so valuable because it shows you can follow your heart and you can have the abundance and magic that you're craving.”

-Rae Irelan 


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Who is Amy McNally?

She is the founder of Leadership Coaching and Women Creating Wealth, which is an online community for businesswomen

She works with high-level female entrepreneurs to help them increase their income while reducing stress, overwhelm, and anxiety.

She is a former marriage and family therapist.


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