EP.61 Visions Unfolding with Jennifer Tosner

Visions Unfolding with Jennifer Tosner


In this episode we talked about:

(01:59) Jennifer’s Journey

(09:02) Most Miracle Moments of Jennifer

(21:46) Seeing all the pieces unravel

(24:11) How do people relate to miracles in their life


“Miracle is in not knowing and seeing how the universe aligns us with the thing that actually is just so perfect for everything that we desire and the ways that we can grow and expand to be our best selves.”

-Rae Irelan 


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“We can really only see ourselves when we look back on the journey, when we look forward, when we get so lost in vision, it's so hard to see ourselves clearly.”

-Jennifer Tosner


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Who is Jennifer Tosner?

She lived on Native American reservations for 10 years

She’s exploring native spirituality, cosmology,  planetary grid work, and the connections with language + worldview. 

She’s vibing on being in partnership with native peoples to build bridges between ancestral ways + modern humans, decolonize our minds, and do restoration work for the planet.