EP.57 From Striper to Sacred Oracle with Ayesha Durrani

From Striper to Sacred Oracle with Ayesha Durrani


In this episode we talked about:

(02:41) Ayesha’s Journey

(05:04) Discovering Astrology

(07:15) Age of Aquarius

(10:03) Human beings are miraculous.

(12:27) Ayesha’s Most Miracle Moment

(18:54)  Rock bottom times.

(21:40) Pieces of Wisdom from Ayesha

(25:09) Invitation is coming


“Miracle moments are these really tough challenges, these really tough times. And so it's just such a good reframe to remember that not only is the every day a miracle, but literally the times where you're like, what the heck is going on? Why am I here? That is your miracle!”

-Rae Irelan


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"When we really start to see our desires as clues and indications of where we're actually going next and we give ourselves to the path that it's encoded within our blueprint, whether it's our human design chart or astrology chart, they actually work really well together.”

-Ayesha Durrani


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