Hi Goddess! 


I know that you desire to be a confident, sexy, and magnetic woman. In order to do that you need to fall deeply in love with yourself, your body, and your feminine energy and expression. 


But you’re not trusting yourself or your body to guide you to use your feminine superpowers, making you feel insecure, disempowered, and stuck. 


I believe every woman deserves to live in her natural essence as an embodied, sexy, and free woman in her own unique way!


Imagine a world where all women are living in their soul alignment, shining brightly, and getting honored for just being her?! 


Unfortunately, society hasn’t quite caught on.

But in all honesty, a goddess doesn't wait for society to change, she just does it herself!

It starts with each woman, one at a time, as she aligns with her power.

Easier said than done sometimes…


I understand what it feels like when your throat is shut down, your creativity is blocked, and you're watching other embodied women floating through life like a breeze. 


I remember when I was seeking something and someone to help me understand myself and why I’m here. I had just gotten into a HUGE car accident, realized I hadn't taken a stand for what I believed in, had given my power away to the people around me, and felt at a loss of words.

I wanted so deeply to take ownership of creating my dreams, but I wasn’t sure where to start. 


As I sought out practices from around the globe, I found some practices made a huge impact as I began to step into my feminine power. I shared these with my close girlfriends and then with my private clients. 


I have shared these tools, resources, and practices with women of all ages, races, and religions around the world and have watched them blossom into their own versions of being powerful and feminine, modern-day global goddesses. I couldn't keep these practices for my inner circle any more, I felt it was my duty to share these self-empowering practices!  


This is why I created...

Global Goddess Online

A go-at-your-own-pace online program to embody your goddess glow. 


Here’s how Global Goddess works:


There are 12 modules (which you can go through weekly or monthly) that connect you with 12 goddess archetypes for you to get to know, embody, and express your GLOW.


A Global Goddess who has embodied her GLOW stands for: 


Gratitude - open hearts

Liberation - free souls

Orgasmic Manifestation - creative mindsets

Womb Wisdom - body’s inherent wisdom

For each of the 12 goddess archetypes and modules, you will receive:

  1. The goddess’s background/story/culture, her super-powers & shadows qualities that show up in women today (and in your life!)
  2. Visualizations to align your mind to the goddesses frequency and mindset
  3. Embodiment practices for your physical alignment in your skin and bones
  4. Rituals and challenges for your integration of this wisdom into your soul’s daily expression & habits

And we have an online community of other women from around the world who have gone through Global Goddess so you can share your experience and hear from others about theirs! 


Sign up today to start your journey of goddess empowerment! 


I'm Ready!

And in the meantime, download my free Future Self Visualization to tune in with what your soul is calling you forward into. 


Stop doubting yourself and your feminine intuitive wisdom and start waking up every day excited, clear, and inspired as you magnetize incredible people and experiences into your life!