I know you want to live freely, doing what you want when you want, with whom you want. 

In order to do that you need to overcome your blocks and old stories of what’s possible for you. 

The problem is you wavering in your mind.

Which makes you disempower and criticize yourself for not having it all RIGHT NOW. You take action but second guess yourself and pull back creating inconsistent momentum.


I believe every human is here for a BIG purpose and deserves to have an amazing life while creating their dreams.

I'm already sold, let me in!

This isn’t about having the perfect mantras. It’s about the devoted practice of MAKING UP YOUR MIND, just like you make your bed every morning. 

I understand the feeling of knowing deeply that I’m here for something big but feeling frustrated with circumstantial setbacks that have me feeling behind and equally not ready.

While going through yet another BIG unexpected situation that flipped my life upside down (an unplanned pregnancy with a man I had just started dating only a month prior) I found myself questioning everything.

 As I gathered the tools I had practiced and taught over the last 15 years, I knew a major re-frame needed to happen within my mind so I could step up to this new challenge. 

 I revisited some of my most challenging times and also my most rewarding times, I remembered the mindset practices that helped me create massive shifts in my perspective and reality. 

I used these tools to overcome my traumas of 10+ years of eating disorders, depression and suicidal tendencies, and toxic relationships. 

I also used these tools to activate me during exciting initiations like choosing to follow my dreams of touring around the world, becoming an entrepreneur, and hitting my first $5K, $10K, $20K, and $50K months.


I witnessed clients transforming their lives and businesses with these techniques I had been working on with them... 


"Now I have the confidence and strategies to continue growing my business.

This program isn’t just about posturing courage. It is about BECOMING courage and becoming your best self in the process.

Working with Rae allowed me the courage to step up in my meaningful and purpose-driven work."

- Fox D. 

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Became clear and creative and began building her dream life by moving to her dream country, Costa Rica! 

"In the past I felt stuck. I knew I wanted to move and shift. I wanted freedom and design my life the way I wanted.

I realized I needed to create space for that to happen. When I consciously decided, things really started to turn around."

- Petra Z.

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Grew her leadership, online presence & stepped into her power and truth as a woman

I saw how my patterns, fears, and emotions tied to perfectionism and lack were showing up in all areas of my life.

This allowed me to take down a wall and take off a mask so I could be able to express more of who I really am.

- Liana Hunt

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So if it had worked all those years, then I prayed it would work again during this uneasy time of pregnancy with brand new love. 

Being currently 8 months pregnant now, more in love than ever before in a healthy and supportive relationship, and feeling more aligned with my power, joy, and peace than ever before…

I knew I needed to break down what I had taken myself through yet again. 

mind-freeing 5 step process to support MASSIVE breakthroughs during times of upleveling and evolution.

I'm ready to jump in!

Clarify your BIG vision and WHY

Create your definition of freedom and recommit to your soul purpose

Remember the power of your mind with science

Set powerful intentions and update old mind-softwares

Create your freedom lifestyle

Discover your new freedom archetype

Play the long game

Creating lasting and sustainable change

Navigate your glass ceiling

Set yourself up for success as new challenges arise

So you can remember that you’re in control of creating your freedom.  

Take yourself through the FRAME system to unlock your fullest potential. 


In this lifetime access course, you’ll always have access to the upgraded course.

I want lifetime access!

And In the meantime, join me in my private and free Facebook Group Sacred Sexy Sales where I’ll be sharing quick and easy tips and tricks on biz, alignment, and mindset for all my impact-driven entrepreneurs. 




So you can avoid Wondering whether you are living your most magnificent life and instead 

KNOW that you are building momentum that will magnetize opportunities beyond your wildest dreams!


Welcome home!

"The breakthroughs I had were truly breakthroughs where I don’t have to address them again. They were worked through in a permanent way."

- Heather

"This supported me to design my vision. I was at a phase where I was seeking clarity and support to find my own voice, step into my power and act on it."

- Vasiliki

Give me access already ;P

Calling all high-level lightworkers, coaches, healers, creatives, and entrepreneurs that are here to positively impact the world. Your big dreams and goals are with you for a reason. Don't let your mind be the thing that stops you or holds you back. 


After these completely packed 5 modules (plus bonuses), you’ll be walking away with a clear and empowered mindset and game plan to rise into your next level of being and leadership. 

You’ll be able to create more wealth, health, love, passion, and fulfillment on your command.

During this go at your own pace online program you will experience:


  • A clear path to creating your most powerful mindset for your life, your time, your energy, your money, and your business.
  • 5 Modules going through the FRAME Method
  • Bonus recordings with global leaders and entrepreneurs on FREEDOM and MINDSET

"Empower yourself and open to your visions and dreams coming true. If it’s scaring you, then go for it! There’s going to be so much growth and you’ll surprise yourself."

- Hillary

"I feel like I have been retrieving some of my soul pieces during this process, while  connecting closer to the divine creative life force, my own creativity, and flow. So much has been unfolding, including a deeper trust I'm right where I need to be."

- Rebecca

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