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Hey I’m Rae.

I’m an artist, adventure junkie, healer, songstress, and dancer who loveswearing heels to the grocery store. I’m also a total badass when it comes to business, especially helping others create their soul-aligned online coaching business.

5 years ago I was at rock bottom and now I’m living life to the fullest being featured in Forbes and Disrupt, sharing my message to thousands around the globe! My passion is helping successful entrepreneurs who have a big mission, create an even bigger positive impact through their businesses.

Using a blend of strategy and soul I help my outstanding clients rise to the top in their industry by enchanting their audiences and living out loud. Creating freedom, wealth, and transformation while living their passions daily.

Have you ever imagined who you could be? What if you could foresee the future of your business? This visualization is where the magic begins! What if you could talk to your future self and know what business would be like in 6 months? Would you take more risks or play it safe? Would you make a shift or stay the course? Let’s dive in to find out!

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