I am Rae Irelan

CEO and Founder of Soul Aligned Business Coaching, musician, dancer, and author.

I help female spiritual entrepreneurs and coaches creatively scale their business to make a bigger impact while creating more time, money, and location freedom through digital programs, masterminds, and retreats.

I am the host of the YouTube Show and Podcast, Soul Aligned; inspiring thousands around the globe to create their own soul-aligned business.

I have been seen on TV and film, produced multiple theater and festival shows, has been published in books, magazines, articles, doctoral papers.

I am an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal and business transformation, and have been featured next to Deepak Chopra in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Disrupt, and Thrive.

But this isn't who I always was.

I was a girl who grew up in a ballet school since age 2, with an eating disorder since age 11.

I was a young woman who completely lost herself in abusive relationships and habits, leading to a suicide attempt as I drove my car off a cliff after a show.

I had grown so much from playing music on the street for pennies to performing in front of over 10,000 people in amphitheaters around the world.



Just 6 years ago I found myself touring around the US and Central America sharing my original music, but I was still asleep to the growth that my soul was craving.

I still wasn’t sharing a message of healing and transformation. I wasn’t sharing my knowledge about business.

It ate me alive because I knew I was meant for more but I wasn’t taking action to adjust into more alignment in life, business, my relationships, and lifestyle.

Inside I always knew I could make a difference. I loved making people happy. Deep down, sometimes buried even, was a small voice saying, "Keep showing up to the dream."

It left me feeling defeated about creating an actual positive impact in the world. I was lost and broken. One relationship at a time was deteriorating along with my career.

One day I finally turned up the volume on that voice and turned down the volume of the voice that said, "You're not worthy. You're a nobody. You have nothing to offer."

We all have both voices. It's just about which voice we’re letting run the show.

Now every day I choose which voice I wanted to listen to.

I’ve built my dream business, lifestyle, relationship, and inner love that runs my show day after day and this is what I help my clients do.

I help them live out loud, enchant their audience, and increase revenue!

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