Aloha! I'm Rae


Entrepreneur, Artist, and Mentor. 

I am the CEO and Founder of Soul Aligned Coaching, globally acclaimed speaker and singer, and #1 best selling author, and Miracle Moment podcast host.

I love traveling to exotic lands, extreme outdoor adventure sports, working with plant medicines, and being an incredible partner, friend, sister, daughter, and soon to be mom!

I help female spiritual entrepreneurs and leaders creatively scale their business(es), online presence, and global impact while creating more time, money, and location freedom. 


With over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience in the spaces of music, performing arts, media/entertainment, transformation and personal development, spirituality, business and marketing, and event production…

  • I’ve built an easy and fulfilling 6+ figure online coaching business. 
  • I am an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal and business transformation, and have been featured next to Deepak Chopra and Sara Blakely in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Disrupt, and Thrive
  • Have toured, spoke, and performed on the greatest stages around the world.
  • I have been seen on TV, film, and commercials and have been published in books, magazines, articles, doctoral papers. 


But this isn't who I always was.

At age 23 I completely lost myself in abusive relationships and habits, leading to a suicide attempt after the final show of a long national tour.

A near death experience that lead to my spiritual awakening.

I had grown up being on stage and intensively training in ballet since age 2, with an eating disorder since age 11.

Over the years I healed, transformed, and grew from playing music on the street for pennies to performing in front of over 10,000 people in amphitheaters around the world while having a part-time AND full-income online coaching business.

So how did I do it?!? 

 It was 6 months after my near death experience, I took months off to travel around Central America to integrate and heal. During that period I found my very first mentors, healers, shamans, and mentors who guided me back into my personal power and my soul purpose. 

I was ready to continue learning, growing, and creating. 

Inside I knew I had transformed and that I could help make a difference in others lives too. But it ate me alive whenever I thought about actually sharing what I had gone through. 

It left me feeling defeated about creating an actual positive impact in the world. I had gained tools but still felt lost and broken because my transformation hadn’t become real yet. 

As much as I wanted to transform, there were so many blocks and subconscious beliefs/fears about failure and success that outweighed my desire to change. 

But I had recently learned... If you can’t change yourself yet, change what you can. 


I kept showing up to the guidance one step at a time. Deep down, sometimes buried even, was a small voice saying, "Keep showing up to your purpose and your dreams."

One day I finally turned up the volume on that voice and turned down the volume of the voice that said, "You're not worthy. You're a nobody. You have nothing to offer."

We all have both voices. It's just about which voice we’re letting run the show.

I devoted myself to the new tools, resources, and practices I had gathered. I connected with new people, hired my first high-level coach, joined my first mastermind, and I got into new environments with others who were thriving at every chance I could. 

These became the keys to finally unlocking my God given, uniquely me, true potential!

Now every day I choose which voice I want to listen to.

I’ve built my dream business, lifestyle, and relationships. Self love runs my show day after day. 

Now that I’ve shared my story, I get to help others do the same as they transform into the impactful and aligned leader and entrepreneur they were born to be.

How I work with clients: 

  • 1:1 & VIP Days
  • Group Masterminds
  • Online Programs
  • In Person Retreats
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