I'm so happy to have you here because I really get it. 

You’re an incredible coach, born to be a global thought leader. Your work has the ability to change lives, heal souls and create a positive impact in the world.

And you’re so ready to become a fully booked coach with a waitlist of soul-aligned clients ALL without the go-go grind. So you can create the FREEDOM & FULLFILMENT you’ve been craving for.

In order to do that, you've realized that you need a message that stands out online and attracts quality leads, and an aligned sales strategy that converts those leads into high-end clients.

The problem is that you’re unable to articulate what you do in a crystal clear and compelling way so the right people aren’t paying attention to you and you’re struggling to turn strangers into prospects, and prospects into happy dream clients.

And that makes you feel insecure, frustrated, undervalued, and overlooked because you know that you are here to share more, serve more, and BE more.

I believe that it’s absolutely not ok that your time is getting eaten up worrying about where your next client is coming from and then feeling stuck trying various new marketing strategies instead of spending your time on what truly matters to you.

I get it, you’re not alone.

A lot of my clients experience frustration when their precious time is consumed trying different marketing tips & tricks to attract "not ready yet" clients, knowing that what they are offering is more valuable than what they are even selling it for.

Your time could be spent serving appreciative, high-end clients in your high-level packages, helping them experience massive breakthroughs and creating a deep transformation.

All while having more money in your bank account and more time that you could spend on your creative projects or with loved ones.

Which is why for the last 5+ years I’ve helped female entrepreneurs and visionaries like you, combine soul and strategy to:

  • Share their unique gifts, stand out story, and message with the world
  • Fall in love with growing their business, finances/sales, and serve dream clients
  • ALL while creating a lifestyle that offers freedom, growth, and aligned abundance!
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Rae Irelan

Soulful Strategist