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 We believe that conscious leaders are the bold voice the world needs to hear now.

We work with the future culture shifters and game changer entrepreneurs who are here to share their wisdom with the world. We help them leverage their genius through their businesses and brand presence so their mission can impact more lives.

Here we help entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives scale their businesses so they can experience more time, money, and location freedom! It all starts within first, then we bring it to life!

That’s where Soul Aligned Coaching comes in!

A conscious leader must know that they can face anything when they are aligned in heart and head, passion and purpose.

By addressing the blindspots, Rae creates breakthrough experiences to activate new solutions.

Clients are supported in reinventing themselves and their businesses from the inside out. Then we use strategic online messaging, marketing, branding, and sales so clients see quantum, and long lasting growth.

Soul Aligned coaching has developed multiple methodologies that have helped clients go from having a dream of a soul aligned business and lifestyle!

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Your future begins now!

Without this recording I wouldn't be where I'm at today. I've been using this practice for the last 8 years and still use it today!

Did you know visualizations help you make aligned decisions with your goals and dreams, by preparing you to respond to a situation before it even happens?!

I want to try it for myself!


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